Renew or Reserve an Item

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You can renew or reserve your items by phone, in person or online. If you are leaving a message, please provide your name and phone number.

View our Renew or Reserve Online instructions. (PDF)

Your renewals start as of the current date, not when the item was originally due. Renewals are for two weeks and you may renew twice.

Interlibrary Loan renewals may be requested by phone or in person at either Branch.

Please make your request at least three days before the due date.

Reserves and Holds

Holds are placed on available items and will be retrieved from the shelves for you to pick up. If the item was not available it will be put on reserve. When a reserved item is returned to the Library we will call you. When there are multiple reserves on an item, the first person to initiate the reserve is the one notified first.

Holds and requested items which are not collected within one week are returned to the shelves, or if there is another reserve on the item, the next patron is contacted.

Why Can't I Renew Something?

If another customer has placed a reserve on the item you will not be able to renew it and you will have to return the item by the due date. You cannot renew online on the due date.

View our Renewals Policy (PDF) for more information.

View our Reserves Policy (PDF) for more information.

Please contact the Library if you have any questions or for more information.

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