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Curbside pickup will begin May 28th 2020. 

Curbside Pickup - What patrons need to know: 

Patrons can take advantage of this service once per week. 

Library staff members are strictly adhering to the latest guidelines and following best practices around sanitizing. All books have been in quarantine for an extended period of time.

How Curbside Pickup will work:

  • We encourage patrons to use our online library catalogue to place holds on library items. If you are not comfortable with this process, please email or call the Apsley branch and we will place item(s) on hold for you.
  • Patrons will receive a call to arrange a pickup time.
  • Curbside Pickup will be offered on select days and times by appointment only.
  • At your scheduled time, please call indicating you have arrived. If you are unable to call us upon arrival, please indicate this prior to your arrival.  
  • Once you have arrived a staff member will place your items on the table located out front of the library doors. 
  • Once staff have placed items on the table and are a safe distance away, patrons may exit their vehicle and proceed to the table and pick up their items.
  • Please ensure you maintain proper social distancing measures (2 metres).

   Curbside FAQs:

Q: Is the library open?

A: Library staff are currently working behind the scenes and available to take your phone calls. Starting May 28th, the library will be offering curbside pickup by appointment only. 


Q: Can I return items?

A: Yes, the dropbox is open. You are welcome to return items at any time to either branch. If you are not feeling well and are self-isolating, please do not return items. Call the library at 705-656-4333 and we will renew items for you.


Q: Will I have fines for items due during the library closure?

A: No, all fines incurred during the library closure will be cleared when the item is returned.


Q: How do I schedule items for curbside pickup?

A: Patrons may place items on hold using the library’s online catalogue. If you are unable to use the online catalogue, please email or call your the Apsley branch. Once your items are ready, the library will call you to schedule the pickup. Pickups are by appointment only.


Q: What days & times are available for curbside pickup?

A: Curbside pickup times are as follows:

Apsley Branch: Thursdays 10am - 4:30pm, Fridays 10am - 4:30pm, & Saturdays 9:30am - 1:30pm

Woodview (Pickup Only): Saturdays 10:30am - 1:30pm


**Please note, curbside pickup is by appointment only**


Q: What happens if I forget when my scheduled pickup is?

A: Please call the library and a staff member will be happy to remind you of your date and time.


Q: What happens if I miss/forget my scheduled pickup?

A: Call the Apsley branch to reschedule your pickup time. 


Q: Can I place a request for Interlibrary loan?

A: Interlibrary loan requests will not be ordered until we fully re-open. Any interlibrary loan items that are currently on loan can either be returned through the dropbox or kept until we re-open.


Q: What safety precautions are being taken in regards to handling of items?

A: All returned items are being placed in quarantine for an extended period of time. PPE is available to staff members, and regular cleaning will be taking place. However, The North Kawartha Public Library cannot guarantee the complete sanitization of library items. Please handle items with caution.


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