Internet Access and Wi-Fi

WiFi and public access internet use

The North Kawartha Public Library is pleased to offer free wi-fi service at both branches for your personal devices, however, we cannot make any guarantee of speed.  During peak seasons, due to volume of traffic, there may be a noticeable slowdown.  We appreciate your understanding and recommend that if you require reliable high speed internet for business or personal use, that you investigate other options available to you.


  • Free wireless internet is available 24/7 at both branches.
  • You may access the wireless network at the library by using your own portable computer or device that has either built-in Wi-Fi or an installed adapter card.  Library staff is not expected to help visitors configure their devices, due to the wide selection of devices available.
  • To access the wireless network, view available wireless networks from your device and select "Library" from the list.
  • You may plug your devices into empty electrical outlets only in designated areas. Please ask staff for direction.
  • Please be aware that public Wi-Fi networks are not secure.  Use this service at your own discretion.The wireless network is not filtered. 
  • You can use our Wi-Fi network to access and download audio books and eBooks
  • We do have a wireless printer at the Apsley Branch.  You must be connected to our wifi in order to print and must install the print driver to your laptop.  If you have a mobile device you will be able to choose the printer and print directly.

High Speed Internet

  • Computers are available for public use at both branches, free-of-charge.
  • The computer area closes 15 minutes prior to the library closing.
  • Please read the notices posted in the computer area regarding conduct and use of the Technology area.

For more information about computer usage, please view our policies on Computer Use and Internet Access as well as Acceptable Use Policy.

View the Computer Use and Internet Access Policy (PDF)

View the Internet Acceptable Use Policy (PDF)

View the Library Code of Behaviour Policy (PDF)

Please contact the CEO/Librarian if you have any questions or for more information.

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