eBooks and AudioBooks

Ebooks and Audiobooks

eBook and Audiobook downloads are available for your devices through the Ontario Library Service Download Centre in partnership with Overdrive.

What is Overdrive?

Overdrive is a way to access thousand of ebooks and audiobooks for FREE from the Library.

How Can I Access Overdrive?

You can access Overdrive in many different ways through our website on your computer, mobile device, ereader, tablet and more.

Visit the Ontario Library Service Download Centre

What Do I Need to Start Using Overdrive?

  • A current library card
  • Internet access
  • A free Adobe ID

Why Can't I Find all the Latest Bestsellers in Overdrive?

Not all publishers have agreed to make their books available in electronic formats. Some titles may never appear in Overdrive - rest assured you can still request physical copies from the library if they aren't available online.

For more information or for help with your particular device please visit the Overdrive help page, which has how-to-videos, answers to your questions and more.

Visit the Overdrive Help Centre

Contact the Library if you require assistance.

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