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eBooks and AudioBooks

eBook and Audiobook downloads are available for your devices through the Ontario Library Service Download Centre in partnership with Overdrive.

What is Overdrive?

Overdrive is a way to access thousand of ebooks and audiobooks for FREE from the Library.

How Can I Access Overdrive?

You can access Overdrive in many different ways through our website on your computer, mobile device, ereader, tablet and more!

Visit the Ontario Library Service Download Centre

Having Problems Downloading eBooks on Your eReader?

January 21, 2017

A recent security upgrade by OverDrive has resulted in a number of problems for some OverDrive users:

1. Sony Readers with Wifi

If you have a Sony Reader with WiFi, you will no longer be able to download eBooks directly to your device.  eBooks must now be downloaded to your computer using Sony Reader software and then transferred to your eReader

2. Kobo & Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) Compatibility

If you are getting the "Oops! This document couldn't be opened" error message you likely have an ADE problem.  Version 3.0 seems to be the most stable, so this is the one that we suggest you use to avoid problems.  To fix the problem do the following:

Collect the information you need

1. Open Adobe Digital Editions, go to the Help menu and select Authorization Information.  Take note of the email address that is listed and whether it says that it's authorized with an Adobe ID or OverDrive account.

2. Take note of any eBooks that you are currently using and delete - but don't return - them from Adobe Digital Editions. Right-click on the title and select Remove from Library.

3. Verify that you remember the password for the account by logging in online: (Adobe ID) or (OverDrive account). If you can't log in use the Forgot password? or Reset your password link to have instructions to reset your password e-mailed to you.

Downgrade to an earlier version of Adobe Digital Editions on your computer

1. Open Adobe Digital Editions and deauthorize it by going to Help -> Erase Authorization. You will be asked for your email address and password. If the password doesn't work you can skip this step.*

2. Close Adobe Digital Editions and uninstall it, along with any other versions of Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer (don't uninstall other Adobe programs, like Reader or Acrobat).

3. Install Adobe Digital Editions 3.0 from here: . *If you were unable to deauthorize the software earlier, open the program and deauthorize it now using CTRL + SHIFT + D. Close Adobe Digital Editions and re-open it.  

4. If the authorization pop-up doesn't immediately show when you open the program go to the Help menu and select Authorize Computer.  Next to eBook vendor choose the type of authorization that you were using before (Adobe ID or OverDrive), enter the e-mail address and password, and click Authorize.

Download an eBook and transfer it to your Kobo

1. Go to our OverDrive website, click on Account, sign in, and try to re-download the eBooks as you have before. If you get an error with any of the titles or you can't download any eBooks, check out a random title that is available and try to download it.

2. Connect the Kobo and attempt to transfer the eBook onto it: if you're copying over an eBook that was already on the eReader you'll be asked if you wish to Cancel/Duplicate/Replace: choose Replace.

3. If you get the error CE_COPY_NOT_ALLOWED it means that the authorization has changed, so you will have to reset the Kobo (see next section).

4. Otherwise, eject and disconnect the Kobo and try to open the eBook.

Deauthorize/reauthorize your reader

1. With the Kobo connected to the computer and appearing at the left-hand side of Adobe Digital Editions, deauthorize the eReader by selecting CTRL+SHIFT+E on your computer.

2. Eject and disconnect the Kobo from the computer, wait for it to show the home screen, then reconnect it to the computer.

3. Attempt to copy the eBook onto the eReader again: remember to choose Replace if you are asked if you wish to Cancel/Duplicate/Replace.

4. Eject and disconnect the Kobo, and attempt to open the eBook.

3. Apple Devices

If you are experiencing downloading problems or seeing error messages after downloading a book, try deleting and then reinstalling the OverDrive app.

What Do I Need to Start Using Overdrive?

  • A current library card (Do not enter the "2" at the beginning of the barcode on your library card when signing into the download centre).
  • Internet access
  • A free Adobe ID

Why Can't I Find all the Latest Bestsellers in Overdrive?

Not all publishers have agreed to make their books available in electronic formats. Some titles may never appear in Overdrive - rest assured you can still request physical copies from the library if they aren't available online.

For more information or for help with your particular device please visit the Overdrive help page, which has how-to-videos, answers to your questions and more.

Visit the Overdrive Help Centre

You can also contact the Director of Technical Services for assistance.